The Sannox Bay Hotel was CLOSED in 2016. We bought the tired looking shut-hotel in February 2018.

Immediately upon completion into our ownership, the architects set about plans for a comprehensive and thorough “back-to-bricks” renovation of the property. To improve both this local hotel amenity and indeed, build a new village shop (this will be our 41st shop over a 30-year period, so we have an appreciation on how to make shops and hotels viable).

PLEASE NOTE: The Directors have received several offers from potential buyers of Sannox Hotel, all of whom want to close the hotel amenity and turn Sannox Hotel into holiday homes.

With respect, the Directors will NOT permit the loss of another hotel on Arran. Our Managing Director was brought up on the island and understands… indeed feels passionately that the island does NOT need more holiday homes. Arran certainly does NOT need to lose any more hotels to this controversial (and almost obscenely lucrative sector).

So please can future owners be aware: Sannox Hotel shall remain as a hotel.

It used to be called the “Ingledene Hotel,” and has served the local community well for decades. That will continue as the title-deeds are being amended to make Sannox Hotel a permanent hotel on Arran.

There is another reason. During the hotel’s earlier life when it was known as the “Ingledene Hotel,” the SBS trained here.

Not all of these brave souls returned.

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Photos Courtesy of John Gemmell.

During the previous owners’ tenure, it was our privilege to meet veterans’ of World War 2, all of whom had made an effort to return to Sannox and stay at a building which meant so much to them.

Since our own custodianship from 2018, it tends to be sons and daughters, even grand-daughters and grand-sons of those brave service personnel who visit. Up until Covid appeared, all relatives were invited in for a cup of tea and to see the hotel (albeit at various stages of restoration).

It was humbling to hear of the loss and sacrifice these families and their forebears had suffered.

Sadly, the last few of a remarkable generation that served in World War 2 pass away during this decade of the 2020s.

So, between the historical relevance of this building and the future civic amenity requirements, we believe there is still a purpose for places such as Sannox Hotel to remain a hotel.

Moreso, as anyone brought up in a community such as is nurtured on Arran, understands that amenities such as “the last hotel” or “the last shop” or “the last bank/post-office” should, wherever practicable, be kept alive.

That, for example, is why the cramped hotel bar was removed and a proper, decent sized “function room” created in order to host wedding receptions, birthdays, social events, and yes, of course, the occasions where a suitable venue is required to meet and mourn, plus celebrate the life of a family member, or friend who has passed away.

The en-suite-bedroom numbers will go from 3 to 7 under the Planning Permission that was fully granted by the remarkably helpful North Ayrshire Council. On e of the best local authorities in the country as far as our experience goes.

In total, the Sannox Hotel has 46 different rooms, ranging from the kitchens to the 7 newly renovated/converted guest bedrooms (and owner’s accommodation) and especially the increased function room area for local events.

Here is a short visual journey of just ONE room in the Sannox Hotel.

This was the resident’s bar. A very cramped room with only one function (mainly due to an immovable Clydebuilt brick bar)…

There was tw0-seater couch in this room and barely enough room for 3 people to stand up chatting and another 3 at the bar. Hardly a useful room.

Back in 2003, on the mainland, we had deliberately bought “the worst bar in Argyll.” The point? To prove it was possible to rebuild + renovate + transform a sad and tired place into something, which in terms of the bar in Argyll, went from a disreputable pub, to and extremely busy coffee shop and restaurant.

The Worst Bar In Argyll

^^ Before Renovation ^^

This mainland building took a year to complete a back-to-bricks renovation. The same room in the photo above was transformed…

^^ After Renovation ^^

We mention the worst bar in Argyll, to give our readers an idea of the transformation through which we are progressing Sannox hotel.

Back in 2003/2004 on the mainland, within three days of re-opening, the “worst bar” in Argyll had become a very popular coffee-bar and restaurant.

On the island of Arran, Sannox Hotel is NOT the worst in any matter. But it has required a back-to-bricks renovation. Hence the time it has taken.

Here is the example of the seldom-used and cramped residents bar at Sannox Hotel…

^^ Residents’ Bar ^^

There was a small drip in the ceiling. Fortunately we had a reasonable idea from seeing the flat roof in initial inspection that what seemed like a small leak, did in fact, hide a ton of damp headaches. Forearmed is good as we could properly include this issue in the Schedule of Works.

^^ Sannox Hotel ^^

Flat Roofs: Complete Replacement

& Full, High-Specification Insulation




The Directors of Sannox Hotel would like to express their appreciation to the local community in Sannox and on Arran for their support and patience during the Covid19 pandemic. That slowed up the major renovation works.

So too has the newbuild ferry nightmare with Arran’s new ferry, MV Glen Sannox taking EIGHT years to build.

Fortunately, Covid is now more treatable and Arran plus the islands that are serviced by CalMac ferries have a bonus of SIX BRAND NEW FERRIES coming into service during 2024 and 2025.


We are about 90% towards completion certificate time for the major Planning Permission and Building Warrant works that comprised the back-to-bricks renovation. Plus the newbuild Bay Cottage is also 90% complete (as at May/June 2024). The newbuild Village Shop is a separate issue as a major supermarket chain that caters for modest (Tesco small unit) sized shops is in negotiations with us and given the injury to our managing director, we are likely to contract the new Village Shop part out tho the new buyer.

This month, May 2024, the decision was made to place Sannox Hotel up for sale. But as our core business is renovating and re-opening closed-shops, shut-factories and closed-hotels rather than the direct operation of these buildings (even though our MD was brought up in a hotel), given the imminent (spinal surgery) of our senior staff member (He is also the Sannox Hotel project manager) and the likely 6 to 9 months learning to walk again etc., it would be unfair on our local community and visitors to the Island of Arran to have this wonderfully located hotel lay dormant into 2025.

Hence the decision to sell Sannox Hotel.

Indeed, we are structuring the sale so that rather than cost £795,000 (as per our balance sheet original purchase + renovations), we are selling the core hotel at a much more affordable £395,000.

The separate Bay Cottage (newbuild) and Village Shop are being separated on the title deeds and will be available to the new owners to either lease until they have built up their reserves and afforded to buy these two elements. Or with the likes of the newbuild Village Shop, it is entirely viable for that to be completed, then owned and operated by a major supermarket chain. Please be aware that we are talking about a modest sized village shop, similar in size and style to the Lamlash Co-op. Certain,y NOT a huge super-supermarket!

If you are curious about the Sannox Hotel’s journey to becoming fu,ly renovated and re-opening, please text us, or better still, click on the link below. Thank you.

For further details, please TEXT: 0757 2768 795 or get in touch with the owners as per the link at the bottom of this page.

During the full renovation of this closed-down hotel, please can ALL correspondence for the Sannox Bay Hotel on Arran be directed to the company Head Office:-

Sannox Hotel Renovation Manager, Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JP.

This should guarantee that mail gets through to the right person. Thank you.

Alternatively please TEXT or telephone the project manager on: 0757 2768 795.



The new owners of Sannox Bay Hotel are took possession of the building on 1st March 2018 and obtained planning permission (click here) to:-

->Increase the number of guest bedrooms to 6 (all ensuite).

-> Add a brand new Village Shop.

-> Add a resident staff member’s ensuite bedroom.

-> Add new owner’s accommodation.

-> Increase parking by 4 additional spaces moving the front wall back 10 feet.

-> Add a new tearoom.

-> Full renovation of the entire building. 

There is a significant amount of refurbishment work to be completed and the advent of Covid19 worldwide pandemic has meant in all likelihood an extra year to this project.

For up-to-date news, please feel free to study the owner’s progress reports and photographs:-

Click Here

Many thanks.

Sannox Hotel Renovation Manager, Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arboath, Angus, DD11 1JP.

Thankyou to all the kind people who have sent get-well cards and messages following the accident of our Managing Director. Fortunately, we have a large team of dedicated friends, colleagues and shareholders to keep everything on an even keel until the auld yin is back up to full speed.